Folding Cartons

Whether you need a simple or fully designed, colorful folding carton, or the rigid structure of a formed or self erected box, Rice Packaging will work to fit your product with the right package.

Our custom designed folding carton options include:

  • Lightweight to laminated E-flute and direct print N-flute
  • Cutouts or clear film windows
  • Customized inserts
  • Matte or gloss aqueous coating or UV coating
  • Preforated hang tabs

Our formed and self-erected boxes include:

  • Glued corners to ensure stability
  • Maintain sturdiness during storage shipping
  • Protecting soft or malleable products
  • The option of two-piece telescoping boxes with thumb cuts for easy opening

With over 50 years of experience in packaging, we will work with you to create unique and durable packaging for everything you need! Call us today!