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Quality Assurance

Rice Packaging has a proactive Quality Assurance Program which is designed to help you avoid costly mistakes before they happen.

Our 99.87 % good quality rating is a result of building quality into each and every process.  By designing quality into each process, we ensure success for the end user and eliminate the risk of returned product.   Some of the steps we employ to help ensure we achieve and then exceed expectations.

  • Artwork verification and proofreading for every item.  In addition we perform a full contract review prior to production;   all designs are approved by the customer prior to production.  
  • Individual accountability at each stage of production, along with in-process quality checks throughout the manufacturing process; fully documented operational procedures in place.   
  • Documented corrective action process for all internal and external complaints or issues. 
  • Production OK sheets are kept for every step of every job. Also a sample library is maintained for future audits and evaluations.
  • Full Spectral data is kept for all spot colors, and density readings used for all process colors.  
  • In process full sheet spectral data is measured for every print job.

High Quality Packaging

We want your product to stand out and to be noticed and recognized. Nothing makes a product stand out more than high-quality packaging. Rice Packaging gives you peace of mind knowing that your product packaging is both functional and attractive.   Our philosophy of building quality into each piece helps to ensure a defect-free product resulting in total customer satisfaction.

With over 55 years of experience in high-quality printing and packaging, you can be assured we will work with you to create unique and durable packaging for your specific needs. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and are confident we have the ability to exceed your expectations.

Serving the Greater Northeast United States, with Global capabilities.