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Mailers, Cards, Tags and Folding Booklets

Rice Packaging will customize your packaging and deliver the most eye-catching design, while managing shipping expenses and minimizing unnecessary waste. Not all packaging is the same, and we can create packaging using mailers or folding booklets for your product. These are great for items that you may have to mail to your customers. The packaging will be durable and ensure that your product will arrive in one piece. These packages styles include:

  • Mailers may include windows for addresses.
  • We also offer book style covers for maximum copy space.
  • Our mailers and booklets may be customized to include pockets for DVDs, instruction manuals, or booklets.

Mailers and folding booklets are another unique way for you to package your product. Rice Packaging has over 50 years of experience to create specialty packaging for whatever product you may have. The packaging will be custom-made for your product, and our design experts will create eye-catching graphics and bold colors to make your packaging stand out.

With over 50 years of experience in packaging, we will work with you to create unique and durable packaging for everything you need. We design and produce mailing cards, hanging tags, and folding booklets for our clients throughout Connecticut and Western, MA. Contact us today for a quote!

Serving the Greater Northeast United States, with Global capabilities.