Green Initiatives

We care about the environment and we strive to ensure our environmental efforts are safe, practical, and efficient.

At Rice Packaging we strive to eliminate pollution generated at the manufacturing source. We also use safe substitutes where feasible, and maximize the reclamation and recycling of materials to eliminate any adverse impact on the environment. We aggressively invest in capital and employee training to rapidly improve every aspect of our performance. We use the following materials in our manufacturing processes:

  • Recycled and recyclable paperboard
  • Chemical-free plate making processes
  • Vegetable based inks
  • Water based coatings and glue

Packaging Sustainability

Rice Packaging understands how important being environmentally friendly truly is. Our entire company is devoted to upholding our "green" initiatives not only in our materials, but throughout our day-to-day business. Some of our green manufacturing process initiatives include:

  • Utilizing low energy light bulbs all over the company
  • In addition to our low energy light bulbs, all of our lights have motion sensors to save energy by automatically turning off.
  • All of Rice Packaging's film, paper, plastic and other materials are recycled in order to be used for other manufacturing purposes.
  • We save a full day of energy by resourcefully completing an entire week's work in just four days.

Serving the Greater Northeast United States, with Global capabilities. Rice Packaging is located in Ellington, CT.

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