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Graphic designer drawing sketches logo design.

Here are the Packaging Design Trends of 2022

When it comes to packaging, looks are everything. Getting ahead of the year’s design trends can mean being stylistically distinct and having an eye-catching edge on competing products. While we love timeless design, many emerging (and re-emerging) trends coming out of 2022 have the kind of staying power that can put you out in front and keep you there. Let’s dive into what kind of packaging you can expect to see as we head into 2022.

Eclectic Typography is Eye-Catching

Typography, when done well, can stand on its own without any imagery to fortify it. If you’re not familiar with the term, typography is the art of turning text into something visually striking. It’s thoughtful design to the extreme.

What can typographic packaging look like? It’s one of the few styles that can take two completely separate paths: sophisticated or totally playful. With a custom-designed typeface and a highly contrasting color scheme you could go for something that exuded “high end”. Your packaging could also feature pictographs; which are an amalgamation of imagery and type. For instance, a children’s bath product could have a safari theme, featuring its name written in large, cartoony letters in the shape of safari animals. For a more sophisticated look, you could simply go abstract with your lettering, which is art in and of itself.

What people are doing with it: Sophisticated, custom-type faces and contrasting colors or fun, eclectic styling that is off-beat.

Industries adopting this trend: Bath and beauty products, children’s products, products that lend themselves to offbeat branding.

Peaceful, Minimalist Design is Here to Stay (We Can Thank the Pandemic)

Serenity now! Are we post-pandemic yet? It depends on who you ask. In either case, we’re heading into a future where, more and more, consumers want to invest in peace of mind. What does this mean exactly? For one, minimalist packaging that preaches holistic solutions to your everyday problems.

Think Zen minimalism, or the kinds of simple things you’d find at a relaxing spa. If you’re selling a beauty or bath product, then downplaying your packaging with simple, clear typography and minimal embellishments will be the way to go in 2022.

What people are doing with it: Calming, neutral colors and simple design choices that put you at ease rather than bombard you.

Industries adopting this trend: Beauty products, lifestyle products; anything that wants to convince you that it’s the only thing between you and total peace of mind!

Raw Materials Are Making a Comeback

Whether you call it “rustic” or “raw”, these types of materials are coming back into style as consumers look for products that feel handmade even if they’re grabbing them off of a big-box retailer’s shelves. Think of materials like burlap, or even embellishments like melted wax. Raw, unbleached paper and unpolished materials will hold sway in industries that want to show people that they don’t need to add anything extra to their product. Instead, they’re keeping it natural.

What people are doing with it: Using raw materials to give their product a “handmade” or bespoke look. They want consumers to think that their product came right out of someone’s workshop rather than a manufacturing warehouse.

Industries adopting this trend: Bath and beauty, health food, beer and wine

Characters & Mascots Give You an Easy & Fun Identity

We’ve gone through many different periods where the “character” or mascot has been in and out of vogue to consumers. For a while, the idea of having a brand mascot felt dated. However, like most things, the mascot is sneaking its way back into the public eye.

What does a modern-day mascot look like? It’s friendly, simple, and bold. Yet, products for older consumers are adopting the mascot as well. While it’s sort of an ironic callback to these peoples’ childhoods, it certainly works. Should you hire an illustrator to craft your own character? Possibly!

What people are doing with it: Tapping into nostalgia by adding colorful characters to products purchased by older consumers and appealing to children who will always love a good mascot

Industries adopting this trend: Food industry, bath, toys, board games

Psychedelia is Hip Again

Okay, boomer, so maybe your visual aesthetic does have some legs after all. The psychedelic stylings of the late 60s are coming back into style. What are we talking about here? Think of wavy text, trippy, colorful visuals, as well as bold and bubbly colors. If you need something else to boost your memory (we understand those years can be foggy) then think of those black light-friendly velvet paintings you hung in your room. That is if you are a product of the 60s!

What people are doing with it: Calling back to a simpler time where peace and free love reigned supreme.

Industries adopting this trend: Health food, beer and wine, organic health, and beauty