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Dymotek Corp.

As a high quality plastics molding company, maintaining a competitive edge can be difficult. We are able to stay competitive due to the superior level of service and quality we provide to our customers. Our challenge, like many integrated manufacturing businesses, is to successfully incorporate materials supply into our manufacturing management system.

Our priority is to keep our customer commitments and to never be late due to a shortage of raw materials or packaging. Warehouse space, inventory levels, inventory turns and obsolescence costs lend to the complexity of being successful. Our goal is to make this process seamless and efficient. This is where our partnership with Rice has been invaluable.

A local company that is now over 40 years old, Rice offers us the stability we look for in a partner. They know our products, usage rates and ordering dynamics as well as we do. They are often included in our planning sessions and are important to our new product introduction. When it comes to final product packaging, Rice is an extension of our Engineering team. Rice provides Dymotek with the skills we do not have. Whether a mistake on our side or a rush order needed by our customer we know Rice is just a phone call away. When we place an urgent call to our CSR, Ranee, we are always greeted with enthusiasm. Ranee maintains her calm even under a suddenly tight deadline and always pulls through delivering the product we need. Rice helps us keep our promises to our customers.

Lastly, we were able to negotiate a mutually beneficial multi-year fixed-price agreement which supports not only Dymotek, but our customers. This helps us to predict and manage our costs which directly contributes to our bottom line. There is no doubt that Rice is an invaluable part of our business and we appreciate everything they do.